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25 11.14

‘Hare and Tortoise’ at North Edinburgh Arts, Edinburgh

Johnny Austin will be appearing in ‘Hare and Tortoise’ with Licketyspit Theatre Company and North Edinburgh Arts from 1st-20th December. Johnny will be playing the roles of Tortoise, Mrs Doodah and Alonzo Bun Brother.

Johnny  AustinTortoise challenges boastful Hare to a race, but who will win this famous contest? Adapted from Aesop’s classic fable, Licketyspit’s Hare & Tortoise is a hilarious, highly energetic and imaginative piece of interactive theatre with songs, poetry, puppetry and play. Join the spectators for this riotous event. Put on your supporters’ hats to shout, “Hare will be there! Yeah, yeah, yeah!” or “Go Tortoise go! Don’t be slow!” Bake the race cake with the Bun Brothers, survive a night in the spooky wood with a ukulele…

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