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31 07.18

Hannah E Morton in A Work in Progress @ The Gilded Balloon (Fringe)

A Work in Progress is the new play written by and starring Hannah Elizabeth Morton. Don’t miss it, runningĀ from 1st – 26th August at The Gilded Balloon as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

hannah mortonA Work in Progress is just that, a work in progress. Jaded and disappointed with their lack of success within acting, friends John and Jane decide that the only way they can become rich and famous is to physically barricade themselves in their flat and write an award-winning script. Simple! They just need an idea first… Hilarious, crazy, youthful comedy about dealing with the hurdles of the acting world and being in your mid-20s! If you are still trying to get your life together, you need to come see this play!


Many laughs to be had and guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face. Lots of humour throughout, comic timing is on point and is brilliantly performed by both actors. Well worth a watch! (R Clark)

Honestly, what a great show this is!! The 2 actors are on form from start to finish! Fantastic writing, funny, quirky & all round entertaining! These guys so deserve a full audience every show so do yourself a favour & get along to see this!! (K Dougan)

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