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28 05.15

‘Great Expectations’ at Dundee Rep Theatre

John Macaulay will be appearing in ‘Great Expectations’ at Dundee Rep Theatre and Perth Concert Hall. The production will open at Dundee Rep from 4th-20th June and at Perth Concert Hall from 23rd-27th June. John will be playing the roles of Magwitch and Pocket.

john macAs Pip journeys from boy to man he pursues that which is eternally out of reach. He yearns for a family and a place to belong to, he longs to be a gentleman, and he strives to do what is right. But above all else, he craves the love of one woman.

Entangled in Miss Havisham’s tragic web of self pity and pitiless desire for revenge, Estella is raised to be admired, to be gawped, smelled and pawed at. Her emotions are frozen; she is trained to hurt, only to be hurt in return.

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