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15 06.15

Grant O’Rourke Wins Best Male Performer at the CATS Awards

Grant O’Rourke won BEST MALE PERFORMER at the Critics Theatre of Scotland (CATS) Awards on Sunday 14th JuneĀ for his portrayal of identical twins Zanetto and Tonino in The Venetian Twins at The Royal Lyceum directed by Tony Cownie.

“In playing the dual parts of Zanetto and Tonino, the siblings separated at birth in The Venetian Twins, Grant O’Rourke cut a gloriously schizophrenic figure. Flitting between the pomposity of one brother to the sheer stupidity of the other, and often with only a few seconds offstage before making the switch, O’Rourke proved himself not only ferociously versatile in making the differences between each apparent, but also a master of comic nuance.”

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