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06 05.14

Get Up and Tie Your Fingers

Samantha Foley and Sian Mannifield will be appearing in Get Up and Tie Your Fingers in Newcastle with The Customs House from 21st-24th May.

Samantha Foleysian








Spring 1881is tipping over into summer and everyone is waiting for the silver darlings, the migrating herring, on which all their livelihoods depend. Gutting, salting and packing the herring into barrels is women’s work. So, young Molly must learn to tie her fingers if she’s going to join her mother, the obsessive Jean, and their fun-loving neighbour, Janet, as the third member of their gutting crew. But it is another tie, the one between a mother and a daughter, which is at the heart of this award-winning play. Set against the real storm that sent 129 gallant Eyemouth fishermen to a watery grave, this is a deeply affecting tale of three courageous women, reworked to include a vocal soundscape performed by a local women’s choir.

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