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31 01.16

‘Frances & Ethel’ at Oran Mor, Glasgow

John Kielty and Frances Thorburn will be appearing in ‘Frances & Ethel’ at Oran Mor, Glasgow from 1st-6th February as part of A Play, A Pie and a Pint.









“Ethel was no good for anything except to create chaos and fear.”  – Judy Garland about her mother.

April 1961, a little rehearsal room in Manhattan, and Judy Garland is a day away from playing what will become the legendary Carnegie Hall concerts.  Struggling under the crushing weight of expectation, not fully recovered from illness, she calls on her old friend Sal to keep her company, calm her nerves.   Of course, Ethel shows up too – being dead is just a detail.

Mothers and daughters, it’s never easy.

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