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11 04.16

‘Flo’ as part of A Play, a Pie and a Pint

Kirsty Stuart will be appearing in ‘Flo’ as part of A Play, a Pie and a Pint at Oran Mor, Glasgow, produced in association with Aberdeen Performing Arts. The production will open at Oran Mor, Glasgow from 18th-23rd April before heading to the Lemon Tree, Aberdeen from 26th-30th April. The play is also written by CMA client Martin McCormick.

 Tkirsty stuarthis is Helen and Mike’s first. And it’s not easy. He works a lot. He has too. After all it’s why they’re here. Thousands of miles from home. So it’s mostly just Helen and the baby, alone in the compound, cooped up; after all, it’s not safe outside. But there’s nothing to worry about, Mike says, the insurgents are on the other side of the country.



martinFlo is the latest play by award-winning writer Martin McCormick (Squash- Play, Pie, Pint/Traverse, Best New Play, CATS 2015). Martin McCormick is an award winning playwright and actor.  His debut play ‘Squash’ (OranMor/Traverse) won Best New Play at last year’s Critics Awards for Theatre in Scotland. Other playwriting credits include ‘The Day the Pope Emptied Croy’ (Traverse/Oran Mor), co-writer on ‘News Just In’ (Random Accomplice) and ‘Tristan Nightaway’ (Play, Pie, Pint- Three Minute Thursday). Also his short play Potterrow (Cumbernauld Theatre) won last year’s inaugural Short Play Prize.

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