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24 09.14

‘Flame Proof’ Tour of Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh

Michele Gallagher will be appearing in ‘Flame Proof’ as part of A play, a Pie and a Pint at Oran Mor in association with Aberdeen Performing Arts and the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh from 23rd September – 11th October. ‘Flame Proof’ will be performed at Oran Mor in Glasgow from 29th September – 4th October.

Michele GallagherLyssa’s ex-fiance is getting married in the morning. It may not be her wedding but it will sure as hell be her big day. Buddy is dreading the wedding in the morning. His ex-wife will be there with her new fiancé. Lyssa wants to destroy the wedding. Buddy wants to destroy himself. They could do a lot of damage, should they ever meet. And they do, at 3am in the wedding marquee. Will they survive the night together? Will the wedding go to plan? Whatever happens, there will be fireworks.

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