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16 04.15

‘Fever Dream: Southside’ at the Citizens Theatre, Glasgow

Martin McCormick and Harry Ward will be appearing in a new production written by Douglas Maxwell, ‘Fever Dream: Southside’ at the Citizens Theatre, Glasgow from 23rd April – 9th May. Martin will be playing role of Peter and Harry will be playing the role of Terry, in addition to being an actor musician throughout.

Martin McCormickharry ward







High summer in Glasgow’s Southside and a heat wave bears down on the residents of Govanhill, driving them off the streets. Tensions are running high and fantasy and reality are becoming blurred.

Fighting to reclaim their neighbourhood, the lives of a sleep-deprived new parent and his civic-minded wife begin to unravel. Meanwhile an ambitious Hutchie boy, a pair of young missionaries, a performance artist and her alter ego and an unscrupulous property manager, are forced to confront their monsters.

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