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28 07.20

Elizabeth Newman Q&A

Drum roll for CMA’s next exclusive Q&A … 🥁

ELIZABETH NEWMAN is a multi-award-winning Director, Artistic Director at Pitlochry Festival Theatre, previously Artistic Director of Bolton’s Octagon Theatre and Acting Artistic Director of Southwark Playhouse.

She has directed over 100 productions UK-wide, including Salisbury Playhouse, Hull Truck and the New Vic, and directed for radio and television.

Awards include: Writers’ Guild New Writing Encouragement Award, Oguntê Make A Wave Award for Women of Social Leadership, and Young Entrepreneur of the Year by UnLtd.

In 2018 she received a University of Bolton Honorary Doctorate recognising her outstanding contribution to the Arts and Bolton.

Elizabeth actively explores the arts and social change, is committed to international charity work, contributing to local politics and supporting numerous theatre and school boards.

Wednesday 5 August, 10 am.