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23 03.17

Dr Stirlingshire’s Discovery at The Lyceum, Edinburgh

Appearing in Dr Stirlingshire’s Discovery is Pauline Lockhart from 1st – 9th April at Edinburgh’s Royal Lyceum Theatre.

Pauling LockhartFor all of history this creature has evaded discovery. Until now….

Dr Vivien Stirlingshire is a cryptozoologist. Yes, that’s right, a cryptozoologist! She travels the world seeking out hidden and, as yet, undiscovered “animals” – the ones that they tell you aren’t really there – you know  the type: the Yeti or that Loch Ness Monster.

Dr Stirlingshire is unveiling her latest discovery at the world famous RZSS Edinburgh Zoo. Her brother Henry, the Zoo Manager, has organised a grand welcoming party but really he believes his sister has an overactive  imagination – “she’s not a proper scientist; after all she believes in The Wild Haggis, no really she does!”

This family friendly show takes you on a journey through RZSS Edinburgh Zoo, where you will meet various characters and forms of life, from squabbling Zoo guides to dancing penguins (not real ones of course) to…. Well, the truth is Dr Stirlingshire doesn’t know what to call it yet.  Recommended for ages 5+.

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