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28 09.16

Crude: an exploration of oil with Kirsty Stuart

Kirsty Stuart appears in Grid Iron’s Crude: An exploration of Oil at Shed 36 at the Port of Dundee from 11-23rd October with Previews on 8th&9th October.

kirstystuart A new play from Scotland’s site-specific theatre specialists Grid Iron which investigates the most controversial industry in Scotland – oil.
“Oil is sexy, that’s the goddarn truth.  That’s why we do it.  It’s not only the money.  Bringing in a well, that’s magic, that’s the biggest orgasm there is.”  Texas Jim, Crude
Focusing on the lives of offshore workers and the choices they make to work on the industrial islands of the North Sea, Crude also travels to the Niger Delta and the Arctic Circle to look at the global impact of oil production and its human and ecological cost.

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