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15 10.14

Company Chordelia Dance Derby Tour

Harry Ward and Darren Brownlie will be appearing in Company Chordelia’s Dance Derby tour from 22nd October-5th November. Harry will be playing the role of Hal Johnson and MC and Darren will be playing the role of Bill.

harry warddarren brownlie







Strict rules, extreme conditions and ferocious competition. The Dance Marathons of Depression-era America were the reality shows of their day. Attracting huge audiences, they could last for weeks, with competitors stopping for only 10 minutes every 2 hours to change their clothes or sleep, and eating while they danced. 10 dancers, two actors and a six-piece jazz ensemble bring this drama to life to a soundtrack of songs from the 1930s, performed by soprano Nadine Livingston. Company Chordelia Artistic Director Kally Lloyd-Jones directs and David Higham leads the band.

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