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01 03.18

Ceilidh – Muireann Kelly Theatre Gu Leor

Muireann Kelly’s Theatre Gu Leor (Theatre Galore) is touring Scotland with it’s new play, Ceilidh. Starts at The Tron Theatre in Glasgow from 7-10th March, before touring the country.

Muireann KellyDespite the implications of the show’s premise, the dead are only stirred from their celestial slumber to reclaim a once spontaneous social gathering which has been hijacked by big business types. Such shameless profiteers are intent on shoving out the villagers on Harris to make way for luxury bothies and an exclusive golf course to entertain the high-end tourist trade. Only flame-haired 17th century poet Mairi Ruadh, it seems, can stop such cynical efforts to co-opt culture as a means of gentrification and social cleansing.

In the Gaelic landscape she’s pretty much an icon with legendary status,” says Ceilidh’s director Muireann Kelly of Ruadh Mairi Ruadh, or, to give her full name, Mairi nighean Alasdair Ruadh, which literally means Mairi daughter of red-headed Alasdair.

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