Television Regulars


Scott Fletcher – River City

Scott plays the ‘loveable rogue’ Angus Lindsay.

He joined the cast of River City in March 2014.

Una McClean

Una McLean MBE – River City

Una McLean plays Molly O’Hara, she joined River City in 2010.

Garry Sweeney

Garry Sweeney – River City

Garry Sweeney has played Gabriel Brodie since 2010.


Frances Thorburn – River City

Frances Thorburn plays Bob’s girlfriend, Kim Monroe.

She joined River City in 2016.

gail watson

Gail Watson – Katie Morag

Gail plays the role of Katie’s mum in this CBBC series.


Julie Wilson Nimmo – Balamory

Julie has appeared in CBBC’s Balamory since it began in 2002. She plays nursery teacher Miss Hoolie.