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01 03.16

‘Canned Laughter’ Scottish Tour

Gabriel Quigley will be appearing in ‘Canned Laughter’ on its Scottish tour from 9th March – 2nd April. The show will open in Kirkauldy before travelling to Glasgow, Aberdeen and then closing in Edinburgh. Gabriel will be playing the role of Maggie.

Gabriel QuigleyIt’s the 1970s and funny men Alec, Angus and Rory are one of Scotland’s top comedy acts. And now they’re hitting the big time – top of the bill at Theatre Royal Glasgow.

– and it looks like they’re getting a TV show.  This comedy trio are riding high and nothing’s going to stop them.

Fast forward to today and the three find themselves together again for the first time in decades.  What happened to break the group up?  Will they be able to put their past differences behind them?  And why do they still care who gets the biggest laugh?

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