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26 06.14


Martin McCormick will be appearing in ‘Butterfly’ at the Beacon Arts Centre in Greenock from 10th-11th July.

Martin McCormickA striking adaptation of Madame Butterfly, exploring themes of love, disappointment, loss and hope, created by Ramesh Meyyappan (Snails & Ketchup).
This modern multi-disciplinary piece uses visually poetic narrative and movement, and beautiful, handcrafted puppets to tell the tale of Butterfly, a female kitemaker, whose life has been shattered following the departure of her lover, who has left her alone, isolated and traumatised. We follow this beautiful, complex character as she decides to conjure a happier life for herself in her head, but as she flits deeper into her imaginary world, her tale takes another tragic turn. This adaptation draws on the classic themes of love, loss and despair from Madame Butterfly, using them to create a unique and fresh interpretation that addresses issues pertinent to contemporary audiences. Meyyappan’s established visual style is complemented by the introduction of puppetry, creating a lush, textured, innovative piece of visual theatre.

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