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30 11.14

‘Beauty and the Beast’ at Ayr Gaeity Theatre, Ayr

Fraser Boyle will be appearing in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ at the Ayr Gaeity Theatre from 2nd Dec – 4th Jan. Fraser will be playing the role of Dame Dotty Dolitte.

 fraser boyleOur spellbinding pantomime for Christmas 2014 – full of music, magic and mayhem, special effects, breathtaking sets, loads of laughs and lavish costumes. Our magical pantomime tells the story of Beauty, the beautiful daughter of the town inventor Professor Crackpot. She longs for romance and adventure, but little does she realise they will come when she becomes the prisoner of a monstrous Beast in return for her father’s freedom. The Beast (really a Prince) must learn to love and be loved – only then will he regain his true form and live – yes you’ve guessed it – happily ever after! Will our heroine find true love? Will good overcome evil? Will the housekeeper Dame ever find time to do any housework? All will be revealed in this sensational and magical pantomime at the Gaiety Theatre. The perfect festive treat for all the family!

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