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20 06.17

Bard in the Botanics – Timon of Athens

Fresh from her Best Female Performance CATS Award, Nicole Cooper is appearing in Timon of Athens which is part of the Bard in the Botanics Shakespeare Festival from 22 June – 8 July 2017.

nicole cooper

Timon is the richest and most popular woman in Athens. She entertains crowds of people with lavish parties and showers them with money and expensive gifts. She believes herself surrounded by loyal friends.

But the money can’t last for ever. When Timon finds herself in desperate financial trouble, all those who flattered her now refuse to help her. Her disillusionment grows, as does her awareness of the huge divide between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’.  Will she beg for scraps from those who have used and discarded her? Or will she abandon the city and all its greed and artifice, in search of something else?

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