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04 07.17

Bard in the Botanics – Queen Lear

Nathan Byrne also appears in Queen Lear during the Bard in the Botanics Shakespeare Festival from 12th – 29th July. Shakespeare’s best-loved tragedy is reimagined here from the perspective not of a King, but a great Queen, in Bard in the Botanics’ thrilling and unmissable new outdoor production.


The aged Queen Lear wishes to divide her kingdom between her three children. The one who loves her the most will receive the largest slice. Her eldest daughters play along; declaring their boundless love for their mother, but her young son refuses to join in the game. In a rage, the Queen banishes her beloved son and puts herself under the loving care of her daughters, who seem to lack both love, and care.

The suddenly purposeless and isolated Queen must then battle the loss of her place, position and, terrifyingly, the loss of her reason.

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