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02 07.18

Bard in the Botanics – Much Ado About Nothing

Bard in the Botanics 2018 hosts Much Ado About Nothing with Nicole Cooper, Darren Brownlie and Linda Duncan McLaughlin from Wed 11th July – Sat 28th July 2018 (exc Sundays/Mondays)

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“There is a kind of merry war betwixt Signior Benedick and her: they never meet but there’s a skirmish of wit between them.”

Benedick is never getting married. Not ever.

‘All women shall pardon me, I will live a bachelor.’

Beatrice can’t even imagine a man she could fall in love with.

‘I had rather hear my dog bark at a crow than a man swear he loves me.’

They might just be the perfect couple.
This brand new outdoor production of Shakespeare’s joyous comedy places romantic
misfits Benedick and Beatrice at the heart of a world populated by freaks and oddities; a
Victorian travelling circus. And anything can and does happen when this theatrical cast of
characters get together for a party…
Much Ado About Nothing fizzes with sparkling wit and romance. Although the path of true
love certainly does not run smooth, as the lovers face obstacles both accidental and on
purpose, it’s impossible not to be swept along by the original and best romcom.

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