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17 12.13

Babes in the Wood

Kirstin McLean and Gavin Jon Wright will be appearing in Babes in the Wood at the Webster Theatre in Arbroath from the 12th December until the 29th December.

kirstin mcleanGavin John Wright








BABES IN THE WOODS follows the story of our young babes, and a host of memorable characters; Wicked Witch, sweet old uncle, horrible hairdressers, greedy squirrels and a Brave Hero (who’s not that brave) and many more. Songs, laughter, scary bits… and a bit of dancing too! Will you help rescue the babes from the Right Creepy Woods? Join us for a show that promises good old fashioned family fun at its best. It’s bound to be a show to remember. Come on…THE BABES NEED YOU!!”

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