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08 09.14

A Terrible Beauty at Oran Mor

Gavin Jon Wright will be appearing in A Terrile Beauty as part of A play, a Pie and a Pint at Oran from 8th – 13th September.

Gavin John WrightIn August 1922 as the Irish Civil War raged, Free State Commander in Chief Michael Collins made a trip to West Cork. Though a native of the area, Collins had been warned not make the journey. As a signatory to the recent peace treaty with Britain that had caused the conflict, he was now a divisive figure.  With Anti Treaty forces mustering in retreat from Cork City, this was now a dangerous place for Collins to be. He was repeatedly warned against making the journey down from Dublin. Collins had practical, administrative reasons for doing so but it has long been held that he had another, more pressing agenda. What is not in doubt is that Michael Collins’ trip to West Cork was to change Irish history.

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