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27 07.14

The Pure, the Dead and the Brilliant at the Edinburgh Fringe

Michele Gallagher and Martin McCormick will be appearing in ‘The Pure, the Dead and the Brilliant’ at the Edinburgh Fringe until the 24th August.

Michele GallagherMartin McCormick








What would happen if the bogles, banshees, demons and selkies of Scots folklore were involved in the independence referendum? Elaine C Smith leads a cast of some of Scotland’s finest actors, and surprise cameos, in Alan Bissett’s sparkling satire.

‘This is brilliant stuff, an exhilaratingly fresh take on the whole business of class and culture in Scotland. It’s also so funny that the audience were literally shouting with laughter’ **** (Joyce McMillan, Scotsman on The Moira Monologues by Alan Bissett).

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