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17 07.15

Clients film Comedy Unit’s Second Series of ‘Scot Squad’

Karen Bartke, Grant O’Rourke and Paul McCole have just finished filming for series 2 of Scot Squad with the Comedy Unit for BBC One Scotland.

karen bartkeGrant O'RourkePaul McCole







Brand new comedy following the first Unified Scottish Police Force. Scotland has a new band of Bravehearts on the streets, in the countryside, on the phone and behind a desk. Featuring in-depth interview footage with the Force’s first ever Chief Constable Cameron Miekelson as he shares his philosophy on law enforcement and his hopes and dreams for the future. Elsewhere, follow Volunteer Officer Ken Beattie as he buys soup for the homeless and reassures a victim of washing line theft. Patrol the beat with city cops Fletcher and McLaren as they break-up a domestic dispute. Discover just how frequently certain members of the public share what they consider to be key information with their local police station desk sergeant. And get behind the wheel with traffic cops Urquhart and Singh as they investigate an instance of bad car-parking and insist that not all of Scotland’s road problems are the fault of drunk pensioners.  Tough, brave, valiant and fearless, protecting and serving the public, on call twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, 366 days of the year (this being a leapyear) the Scot Squad serve-up an arresting mix of crime and comedy.

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